Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Happy Memorial Day! This morning Reed and I let David try and sleep in on his day off.  We quickly got ready and left the house.  Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts was followed by a trip to West TN Veterans Cemetery.  I didn't want to broach the subject of death with Reed, so I approached it from what he had been learning in Children's church this month.  This month's memory verse was Eph 4:32: "Be kind and loving to each other".  Bottom line was when someone needs our help, we can raise our hand and say, "Woo hoo! I can help you!"  I explained to him that our country needed help and lots of people said, "I can help!" and joined the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard.  Then on days like today we remember these people and one of the ways we do this is that we put their names on headstones so we can remember them since stone is hard and doesn't wear away fast.  (With Reed, I have to have ALL my bases covered- the questions never stop!) 

So we pulled into the cemetery and with the help of the local Boy Scouts, parked our car and started walking among the seemingly endless field of white headstones.  Reed had his paper from church yesterday that had a star and the words "Thank You" on it.  His assignment from his teacher was to color the page and then give it to someone who helped them.  So we took his paper with us and I prayed that we could find the right person to bless with it.  

We walked hand in hand reading the names and branch of service off the stones.  This lasted for about 15 names before Reed wanted to walk on ahead up to the top of the hill.  On our way back down the hill, we saw 2 women about 50 yards ahead, each standing alone.  I asked Reed if he wanted to pick one to give his paper to.  The one he picked started walking away before we were halfway toward her, so we changed course and walked toward a woman in her mid to late 50's who was kneeling down before a grave and appeared to be pouring something on it.

As we approached, I realized she was pouring ashes out of a medicine bottle.  These are always slightly/very awkward situations, since I never know why a person has come to the cemetery or what they are feeling.  Again with a prayer, we approached her.  I explained that we didn't have anyone we were visiting here since my Granddad, who was a Colonel in the Air Force, was buried in Florida. She said the headstone was her dad, at her feet was a small box that contained her mother and the medicine bottle held her brother.  I explained to her that Reed and I had been talking about how all these people had helped our country and we were so thankful.  Reed handed her his paper.  She took it, said thank you, then asked if Reed wanted his paper back.  Reed said "no" and I told him that he could give her a hug if he wanted.  She gladly accepted the big hug that he bestowed and with a tear in her eye, she said, "Thank you, Reed.  This has made my day. I'm going to date this paper and keep it forever."  With my eyes overflowing we wished a good Memorial Day and walked back to our car talking about all the four-wheelers, golf carts, motorcycles and American Flags that we saw.

On the way home, we got on the topic of Heaven and Reed said, "When we get to Heaven it will never be dark and we will never have to go to sleep! We will just get to play and to dance crazy!"  AMEN! Thank you Lord for our hope and for men, women and their families who sacrificed for our country's freedom. 

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  1. Stefanie! This was so sweet :) I am so glad I stumbled across this today. Thank you for sharing.